Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Birthday

my birthday was fantastic i had so much fun we had a bbq , and i got spoilt! a george forman grill rice cooker ipod undewear! AN IPOD DID I MENTION AN IPOD bring on the daily jog! oh and check out this yummy birthday cake.. every bit of weight i have lost is sure to be back on lol

there was a bit of an acident and we are making a complaint cause it couldve been serious. my dad bought some plastic outdoor chairs. they are always kept undercover and we only use them when entertaining. there about 6 months old and he sat on one last night and was holding aiden. the chair broke and they both fell to the tiled ground. luckliy my dad broke aidens fall and protected him. but unfortunatly my dads already seriously bad back is not good and his in agony today . aiden had a cry but there wasnt a scratch on him! thanks to my dad. so we have the company and taken pics of dads bruises and the broken chair and are making a serious complaint cause its a safty issue


Gizmo said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad Em. I hope he feels better soon :)
Hope you got everything you wished for :)