Friday, March 27, 2009

Lil emms Big adventures


I have been a terrible blogger, scrapper well the whole lot. i havent scrapped in months :( and am having withdrawls. but i have been journalling i just never had time with the wedding the honey moon and now im cleaning out the house for the new arrival.

yep thats right ladies im pregnant

9 weeks and 5 days! i know thats heaps of time but i have ALOT to do i need to get orginised so that the house is easier for me to manage. i also need to spend time resting so that i dont have any seizures this time. i would love to stay off meds. but lets slow down and ill tell you about our wedding

it was AMAZING the best day in my life! it was beautiful. we did a butterfly realease and lite 2 candles. one is the marriage candle, the other was to remember those that had past that couldnt be there in person, but most definitly where there in spirit. so here are some pics of the wedding

aiden was such a good little boy he behaved the whole night, well till he fell asleep in his grandpas arms. i have hundreds more pics. but you will have to wait til i scrap them

so then we left the 14th of march for our honeymoon. on our cruise, it was great we never got up before 9:00 and we saw numea. lifou and vanatu. those pics, will be up comming is well. it was such a great holiday, i have a bit of an album in plan for those.

we also have got my lil boy a big boys bed. those pics are on face book if you would like to see. im so proud of him and missed him like crazy anyways i promise that i will update more and actually do something crafty! and post pics