Monday, September 29, 2008

Comming Soon

There is something new in the air for scrappers cardmarkers alike. comming soon is a brand new store by the funkiest essentials the place to go for tools. papers classes and kits

if you would like more information email me at

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Birthday

my birthday was fantastic i had so much fun we had a bbq , and i got spoilt! a george forman grill rice cooker ipod undewear! AN IPOD DID I MENTION AN IPOD bring on the daily jog! oh and check out this yummy birthday cake.. every bit of weight i have lost is sure to be back on lol

there was a bit of an acident and we are making a complaint cause it couldve been serious. my dad bought some plastic outdoor chairs. they are always kept undercover and we only use them when entertaining. there about 6 months old and he sat on one last night and was holding aiden. the chair broke and they both fell to the tiled ground. luckliy my dad broke aidens fall and protected him. but unfortunatly my dads already seriously bad back is not good and his in agony today . aiden had a cry but there wasnt a scratch on him! thanks to my dad. so we have the company and taken pics of dads bruises and the broken chair and are making a serious complaint cause its a safty issue

Friday, September 26, 2008

23 tomorrow

well tomorrow im 23 , and ive made a realisation, i havent really done that much with mylife yes i have a wonderful family but you know the things i have had dreams of are still so faraway i always wanted to have a creative job so now im taking the steps. im going to get my senior certificate and i ill enrolll in graphic design and a small buisness course /photography. i will get my scrap dreams to come true i will have my own classes and store running this will happen it will take time but i will get there. i mean rome wasnt built in one day. I have been feeling a tad down about life and the turns it has taken for me but hey we all go through that.

so my birthday morning plans of brekkie in bed and sleeping in have gone out the window. chris's flight doesnt get into tile 630 tomorrow morning. so i dont actually get any presants tomorrow until my sister comes over. i was going to go buy the pressie from aiden a digi scraping tablet but i couldnt get to wow in time. ah well another time. so poor me lol i shouldnt complain next week ive been promised a new camera and my pazzels machine. so what can you do . im hoping now life will be back to normal back to being a family no more fights no more dramas. i really cant handle anymore of that.

if you visit leave me some loving . here is my painted lady she isnt finnished but getting there im not entirely happy but im one of those cricticle of her work people im never happy with my work. i need to buy the bigger butterfly stamps. to finnish her but the budgets tight so it will have to wait after i get some more christmas card orders . ive got some other things going on to im making a tin for my cards to go in and my mum will take it to work and people will honesty box buy them i hope it works she has alot of lovely people working with her. i really need the dosh damit anyways looking at the pics of my lady i need to get a pen and tidy up the linese and spots a bit sorry my first canvas

Monday, September 22, 2008


im investigating doing some classes fro home. im in brisbane if you are itnerested please email me at

Saturday, September 20, 2008

woot woot and order - and some down news

i just got an order to make 6 cards for somebody for christmas Yay! so this week im going to put an order into kaiser and get everything i need and begin. hopefully i will get more orders . but im going to start on my own cards as well

and aiden is sick again. he has a middle ear infection and the flu i spent today cleaning vomit up and at the drs ... oh and we lost power as well summer is going to be great this year last year they said to expect power outages cause the system is getting overloaded will it hasnt hit summer yet and its already begun

Friday, September 19, 2008

my painted lady

so this is my painted lady on canvas . she isnt finnished. i need to get some cherry red paint and some red bling and some red butterlys and some acete butterflys with red painted on them so let me know what you think im still not perfect with brush strokes so i might go around some and tidy it upp

Thursday, September 18, 2008


a few of you comments and asked me if i was pregnant .. no im not pregnat just sucky at wording things.. i was meaning if i was pregnant the cupcake store would be broke cause sweets are a craving for me when im pregnant maybe another time ill have that announcement not just yet

Cupcake and other rambles

well today was a big day we had swimming lessons and i looked after my cousin while my aunty had some things to do .. she is due next week on the 27 on my birthday! im exhausted aiden has been a right little turd and im not coping with the house i cant get on top of things i bust my arse and it still looks like crap so im done. i want to hire a cleaner i want to move . i hate living above my parents. i want my own home. as a reward for looking after her lil one my aunty gave me this fantastic cupcake and i had to share it with aiden. apparatnly its from a place at westend. im telling you that there lucky that im pregnant otherwise they wouldnt have any cupcakes at all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a day of fun= Mess

so today i got up motivated and cleaned vacumed mopped and tidyied.. and then an Aiden cyclone hit and by the end of the day this is what it looked like. and this is what my lil man was like at the end of the day so really what harm could a little mess be my lil man is happy and that is all that matters

and so this is a realaxed me after treating myself to a pamperd foot scrub and face wash a very tired me i was going to scrap but i laid down with my laptop in bed and felt so relaxed
but i have a terrible secret, im avoiding this! tell me am i the only person that hates putting away the laundry

Monday, September 15, 2008

So it didnt make it

my layout didnt make it ah well what can you do just means i need to do better and keep trying:) im happy with the layout and thats all that matters so without making you wait anymore here is the layout hope you like it as much as me i really do think that its one of my best i love the pic of aiden "running" he loves the park so much . btw for some reason its loading the first pic sideways... its not sideways on my computer so i have no idea whats going on there

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A productive weekend

well this weekend has been good for my mojo , i did 2 canvas ( one isnt finnished) and a layout that has to be the best i have ever done.. so much so that i submitted it so i will post a pic once i find out if it has made it or not, there are also pics on some inchies i made for an sol swap. i feel a bit bad though cause i like them better then the ones i mad for the sm swap but i guess practise makes perfect

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Exlpaining the advirtising

So i thought that i would explain the advirtising opurtunites a bit more, It will me $10 per month ( $2 per week) and your logo will be dispaled as a link on the forum. if you would like a blurb on the funkiest essentials Blog ( each month i will bring somebody new) its will be a further $5 and your logo and link will be on the blog as well. it will be fully invoiced . so if you would like some more information please let me know

Monday, September 8, 2008

a funkiest essentials annoucment

comming soon the funkiest essentials will be doing features on scrapping wahms, etsy stores and more , for more information please contact me

some random ness

so here is some pics and cards i made for fathers day the image of the lady im going to be putting on a canvas with lots of bling and acete butterflys. and when i get pazzels i will be making it into stamps theres still alot going on here . so im still swapmed but yesteday was very productive. so if there all that way i will soon have more time to spend scrapping . ive stopped napping during the day now so nap time is now scrap time i tidied the rooom yesterday but i have to re arrange a few things to get it all the way i want it

Thursday, September 4, 2008

noahs ark is for sale

my lil noahs ark paper piecing is for sale.. its $3 .50 let me know if you are interested i actually took off the rainbow so it looks better now!

well i had a lovely converstation with my toddler aiden today lol i say toddler because its really is comming to my notice his not a baby anymore its scary, if things where going better we would be ttc but until everything else is sorted i wont go there plus i havent seen my nurologist in a while so we need to discuss and plan everything first . if i plan it i may miss the problems i had with aiden

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

this is todays work

these are what i have been playing with today surprise its glitter lol i hope to sell them in colour stacks on made it.. suggest a price if you like!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

some layouts

Heres some work ive done lately im not sure about this orange lo its such a hard colour to scrap it seems unfinnished this one is aiden eating coco pops again it seems unfinnished. most of my work seems to have this feel to it

yay i have double sided tape again . and glitter i lurve glitter
these are the christmas at kaiser range samples. omg i love them

im dreaming

im dreaming of a canvas, completly black. tiled with glitter inchies. i know obsessed with glitter inchies they just look so cool runs off to buy canvas and start inchies