Monday, April 21, 2008

Dreaming and worries

well yesterday dh has his op and oh my the worries he gave me something that was supposed to tak 30 mins took 3 hours i was so worried by the end of it . and the news isnt good dh had problems with the levels of oxygen he had and needed assistance and this can point to lungh problems so we have to get xrays on his lungs. but on the otherhand today i have been dreaming and planning my store. we decided when we buy a home where going to put a studio/store to the side of the property where i can be free to do what i want . so today i have been doing drawings of what it will look like and oh my i think ive blown the budget rofl. ok ok

picture this

a room for massive table in the center ... wall to wall of papers one whole wall dedicated to embelisments and otp and everything you can think of. a kitchen for coffee cake and biccies a toilet areas for paints insperation centeral i think i will call the work station but the store of course will be the FUnkiest essentials oh if dreams could come true RIGHT NOW rofl

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have truly Lost my mojo

i sat down to finnish a lo last night and i just couldnt my mojo is gone i really need to finnish the room and brighten it up that way i think my mojo will come back i yearn for the perfect studio but i think thats a while off yet . so i will make do with what i have which i guess im truly lucky to have a room to myself alot of others dont so why whinge.. cause Im DISORGINISED rofl i want orginisiation . how do you sort your chippy letters ... me all chippy is in a container lol all of it .. i can never find one thing. i think i need to cordinate things so that i use them more i dont know im truly blocked of inspiration i still have things in boxes that i just havent unpacked . i have some shleves on order to go in the cupboard and i wouldnt mind to get 3 more of the smaller shelves to "stack" on top of each other .. my aim is to get as much off my desk as possible more space to play i yearn to play i yearn to finnish a project and feel completly satisfied with how it looks i know i will get there and nothing happens over night.. im hoping that dh will be able to watch aiden for me today so i can have some time to work on it today but he is unwell so i doubt it

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Aiden as a new born
aiden today

i had a huge blog in here but it didnt work ! so now ill just pop some pictures up

today my son is 11 months old and i really dont know where the time has gone and i miss my little new born. i have so much on my plate right now i feel like im drowning the pressure is on

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my lil mans outdoor play area

well we dont have a backyard so weve made the fromt deck a play area for him and he loves it heres some pics of him having a ball . theres so many pics to share lol and not enough blogging space ill some some of chris tomorrow and also some pics of a lo im working on hopefully it will be finnished i cant find my dm for my letters and am undecided on what to do for the top left corner

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ribbon Box

i foregot to post pics of my ribbon box! i love this box and i put litrelly days of work into this thing.. DM takes a while to dry and since i have an obsession with it it doesnt help but without further adew


other then that ive lost my mojo somebody send it back please im also lacking alot of time to spend on orginiseing my room so i am scrapping in a mess and i hate it that way. i get some shelves this week nothing fancy just metal shelves from bunnings to put some stuff into that is living in boxes on the floor . i also plan to ask my mum if i can steal her sewing machine to give sewing on my layouts a go i havent sewn since school and it will definintly be a new thing to try lol. lately ive been feeling like a bad mummy . i have booked aiden into daycare 2 days a week . and instead of feeling guilty i cant wait for him to start. i guess we dont have the time apart and thats half of my problem i bottle my stress and i dont get to switch off ahh well ill get over it wedding plans are going well .. in less then 4 months now i will be Mrs McGrath lol complety normal name not what im used to

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

its been awhile

its been a while since my last blog ive been sooo busy . im still not any good at this blog thing so if you know how i can make this look better please do share... well alots happened here since the walking has begun.. we FINALLY got a new door.. pics to come tomorrow. and we went away for the weekend down the goldcoast and stupid me foregot the camera so we bought some disposables .which mean many lost photo ops of aiden eating sand playing with this girl on the beach . as well as that dp is sick he has and ear infection a throat infection. and also has finally got is well you know looked at and he needs to go into hospital for an adult circumision.. so once again things get put on hold. im starting to wonder if this is ever meant to be . if my first order will ever happen if i will ever get anything moving... i dont have ppl posting on my forum i dont think pple like me or something. meh i dont think its personal i think there is just so much "better" places out there .. well lets see what else has happened .. aiden is back in his own room and its a nightmare.. its that bad i have actually been getting up to start the day at 430am in the morning. and i also bit the bullet and emailed the baby whisperer this and i have booked aiden into daycare 2 days a week starting september. i feel he needs to see more kids his age and play and learn and since we are hoping to ttc #2 around september it would be good timing to have him in and then i can rest if need be and avoid the complications i had first time round.. ahh the joys!. i gtg aidens awake again .. hopefully this wont go on til midnight again