Thursday, August 9, 2012

my Kids lol

My Kids are just like Chalk and Cheese, Aiden is my placid caring cuddly 5 year old.. very sensitve always worrying about everyone. Jemma is my little ball of chaos funny confident outgoing  and NO FEAR at all. we have our health battles like every family. Most recently Aiden had his tonsils out, he has become a different kid ! happier brighter even doing better at school.  still though we battle about food, see Aidens tonsils where quite bad constantly infected so therefore his throat always sore and food tasted funny. So now we have what i like to call food aversion. he wont even put most foods near his mouth. So therefore his immunity is still low. So we are working on it its a battle but really not the hardest one we have had just the longest lol.

Then there is Jemma ( 2 ), She is on a seefood diet.. sees it and will eat it i can even send raw mushrooms for snacks at kindy and she will eat it like a apple... on the flipside though she has a stubborn temper as well. She has her own battles, She suffers from atopic Eczema and aphalaxis to Hazelnut. so i do believe some of her behaviours are purel just linked to her being so outright misrable and uncomfterble frustrated with the amount of time it takes for her to lay still and me put cream on her..

So your thinking all this sounds so negitive ... well then you hear the next part

I am very lucky that my kids are best friends, They look out for eachother ( when there not fighting lol) example Aiden was in the park with my Mum while I took Jemma to the Dermatologist , we later walked down to meet them, Aiden and Jemma Spot each other take a full run up squeeling my Jemma My Aiden to eachother. and give a running cuddle I missed you Jemma your my best friend.. These are the moments that make all the hard battles worth it.. I can proudly say These are my kids, and yes raising them alone is hard but I think im doing a pretty good job at it .. wouldnt you be proud

Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's Been quite a while since I blogged about anything, and wow how things have changed, Im not longer married I'm Studying and working as well as being a mum. Both children have had challenges in there health, finally my son got his tonsil removed my daughter is still battling with Eczema but we are working through it. So much has changed and I plan on writing more about it all. I dont scrapbook as much as I used to but I plan on making that change ! My focus is back and Im on track to finding what I want in my life.

love always

Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Proud

Ok I know to alot of you this will seem that im tooting my own horn. but you know what i deserve it. looking at the amount of changes that Me and My Kids have been through and how well they have come out of it all. well i am PROUD. I'm Proud that at nearly 2 My Daughter says please Thank you . and has fantastic manners. PROUD that my 4 year old has such good manners that his teachers at kindy constantly praise him. and that he is so thoughtful that he even says thank you to the cars that stop at traffic lights. and the thing that makes me prouder is that I taught them this. ! They are doing so well they are so amazing.. My son every morning as my daughter wakes up says Good morning beautiful girl. or the fact that durring the day they spend more time kissing and cuddleing each other then they do playing.

They are BEST FRIENDS anything else in my life is a bonus

Monday, August 22, 2011

A new Adventure For Lil Em

So Alot has Changed Since I last blogged. I am Going through a Marriage Brakedown at the moment But in saying that I am Inspired! Even though Times will get tough. I can handle anything. I can do anything i put my mind to. I will remain positive for my Kids . My focus now is Learning ! Learning new ways to budget.. learning new ways to get ahead .
I am Very lucky to have alot of support. I now apreciate alot of things that single mums go through. but I am positive that very soon my life will be together. . I am working towards a Certificate 3 in. Education support. hoping to gain employment as a teacher aide. and many more things to come.

Keep reading about my adventures.. LIL em is growing up lol

Monday, March 28, 2011


ok so admitdly right now im unwell and feeling sorry for myself. but im going to have a vent. I spend alot of time on the items i have made for my buisness, putting it forward at all times. and at the moment im getting nothing back, an order is few and far between. and im starting to wonder if its worthwhile me putting in the time and the effort. or if i should shut it all down and just craft for myself .

Thursday, March 10, 2011


so My mission has started declutter my house i started small.. the linen closest. so i have taken before and after pics. the top shelf still needs to be done but i willd o that when i have no kids around theres no way im climbing up on a chair with my monkeys lol . because Aiden has been unwell i kept him home yesterday from kindy and Jemma went so to make him feel better i took him for a bit of a treasure hunt to collect leaves for a collage. so there are some pics of that. and i will get pics of the finnished art work to
Before- Blogger seems to think they need to be sideways
After wahoo!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little bit of an update

Wow what a stresful few weeks it has been in this house i really cant wait for it to be over! It all started with my poor hubby his tooth fell apart and he needed to get it pulled. and he hates the dentist ( exactly why it fell apart lol). so the monday he went in and they pulled it out. tuesday aiden didnt seem himself nothing i could put my finger on but just wasnt himself wednesday comes along and hubby things something is wrong in his mouth. so goes to the dr. turns out he has a severe infection and gets a shot and some pain killers . thursday i keep aiden home from kindy his cough gets worse and his generally not well. so we go to the drs . the doctors here a crackle on his chest. and start antibioticS and off for an xray. friday chris takes him he is super brave and he ends up having puenomia.. very mild but still puenomia . so we have alot on our hands here at the moment. cant wait till its all over.

on a brighter topic i also have found a awsome blog honestly its fantastic im going to take pictures of before and after i finnish the challange.