Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cupcake and other rambles

well today was a big day we had swimming lessons and i looked after my cousin while my aunty had some things to do .. she is due next week on the 27 on my birthday! im exhausted aiden has been a right little turd and im not coping with the house i cant get on top of things i bust my arse and it still looks like crap so im done. i want to hire a cleaner i want to move . i hate living above my parents. i want my own home. as a reward for looking after her lil one my aunty gave me this fantastic cupcake and i had to share it with aiden. apparatnly its from a place at westend. im telling you that there lucky that im pregnant otherwise they wouldnt have any cupcakes at all.


sweetness said...

yum!!! that looks delicious!!!

Tamara said...

Em - did I read right, are you pregnant?

Sar said...

What Tamara said!! Huh??