Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a day of fun= Mess

so today i got up motivated and cleaned vacumed mopped and tidyied.. and then an Aiden cyclone hit and by the end of the day this is what it looked like. and this is what my lil man was like at the end of the day so really what harm could a little mess be my lil man is happy and that is all that matters

and so this is a realaxed me after treating myself to a pamperd foot scrub and face wash a very tired me i was going to scrap but i laid down with my laptop in bed and felt so relaxed
but i have a terrible secret, im avoiding this! tell me am i the only person that hates putting away the laundry


sweetness said...

bah, thats not mess. you should come see my house lmao. he looks so sweet asleep :D

your skin is looking beautiful. you are looking gorgeous :D