Sunday, June 21, 2009

A page and some news

Hey ladies i havent blogged , things are still crzy around this place either that or im not really orgnised yet lol

well first things first ITS A GIRL!

I have started the 20 layout challange but so far have only done 2 but will share those later lol

The Funkiest essentials also has made an annoucement if you are a crafty person that sells your handmade stuff online please pop over and have a looksi

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some updating

tomorrow i have our scan and we find out what where having wooohoo and friday well its HALF WAY so all in all im very excited but nervous. not many of you would know but as of 20 weeks with aiden i started to have seizures so im hopeing that i can avoid this. but anyways you dont want to hear about that

A lady Brooke asked me to do some baby shower invitations. and this is what i came up with. the imaginsec paper and the snagems giraffe are tooooo cute . im really happy with them and im going to make her a little birth stats card to go in the bubs album
i have bought myself some new stuff and pre ordered the cutestes little basic grey stamps so i should be scrapping more now