Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Congo cart i

is working yay! all i need to do now is change it around and start craating things to sell that will help me get my cash up to make minimum orders :) for fti and a few other places. i know ppl say you cant combine your hobby as a job it doesn work but its not for financial gain i want the experince of trying new products and things like that i want to get more products lol ok yes its so i can get more products experiment and get published one day well i need a lot of practise till i get that far any way i better go lil man is needing me

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a bleh post

well this morning began good.. but im coming down with a stpid head cold im not sleeping well lately i cant seem to turn off and relax not to mention the psiorisis is driving me insane. im shopping for bridesmaid dresses onsaturday i hope my bridesmaids can agree its about what me and dp want not whoes boobs look good in this dress or whoes a prude. i started to make some embelishements and ive given up .. i hat not having anyspace and all my stuff being packed away i feel restricted like i cant creat .. nothing is inspireing me i have a block. i found this pic last night though .. dont be mistaken this baby pic is of me not aiden .. i was completly surprised about how much we look alike.. arrrggghh the frustration .. when i do sleep im driving of los there running through my head .. yet i never get to complete them arrrggg the insanity of it all. and im starting to notice alot of my foroum friends... i love them but in the paarenting forums i frequent.. whats with all the nasty nellys support eachother not attck im thinking of my close friend right now she is pregnant but bleeding im here for you hunny no matter what

I got my camera back

so now i can share some fantastic pics with you these are wedding things i have bought and the invites

Monday, February 25, 2008


im so excited im working on my new online store and am going to be making personalised album covers gift tags and things like that i really cant wait to begin. i put aside some 8x8 kaiser craft chippi albums at cyber scraps ready for me to begin personalising so ymd etsy look out ill be ordering heaps of tags to make my own lil labels :)

Digi Design Team call

well i have descided i need a digi design team for my website so im putting the call out there to all you digi creators my aim is to have somebody that can create kits for prizes and also we can put them up for sale if you wish to get into it like that. the things i would love to see from you are

1. kit with paper embellis and ribbons and quotes . themed family

2. a bit about you to put in our bio section

3. a few of your layouts including kits you have created.

you must be a person that is easy to get along with and up for a laugh

email your entries to

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My digi Work

well i thought i would put some of my digi work up here i seem to do it better then hand scrapping but hand scrapping is def my passion i dont know why i seem to do better at digi maybe its the unlimited amount of free stuff

I cant wait to scrap this

truly my fav pic of dp .. and absoulty random

oh god i cant wait til i get the pics printed to scrap this i love this page i have finished colouring in the paintables and im in love with this page ill attach the pic im thinking of putting on there as well . i cant wait to start. i left my camera in the car so i cant take pics but i got some great paper mache suitecases and a wand for the wedding all i can see for those is ribbons flowers bling chippy monogram intialias im truly in love.. i have to head to cyberscraps to get supplies for them and begin im def goint to have to get modge podge or something simlar and some craft hinges

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My soon to be scrap room

well i h ave my work cut out for me but it will be a great space when im through what do you think

this is my soon to be scrap room... btw all the stuff on the bed .. my scrapping stuff ( hides face in shame)

Not an ear infection

well its not an ear infection ( BONUS) but he is teething and the vomiting may be a virus.. well to me that sounds like the dr couldnt be bothered to look further but hey its stopped now so i shouldnt be cranky . he is growing so much every day .. he now can hold my hand and walk.. his soo close to being unassisted while walking but im not going to rush it .. i find it hard enough with him not walking his sooo fast i thought id upload some pics of my scrapping today i know my page needs some improvement but hey ill work on it when i get my space im aslo going to upload my embarrasing space so i can get motivated for when my desk comes along to keep things neat and actually have space to scrapp in lmao well its 23 weeks til i get married EEEK i better get back to finnishing those invites.. but i have lost my motivation. its bery repetitive.. ive already changed the design of the thanks yous we where going to put cyrtal brads on them but it just looks terrible ao im going to leave them and use them for scrapping

Sunday, February 17, 2008


well today we go to the dr and find out if aiden has an ear infection the last few days his has been grabbing his ears like crazy and yesterday was vomiting there is also excessive wax no matter how many times i clean them. so i hope it all goes well

the challange

im so sorry about this but i have bitten off more then i can chew with this challange. im struggling with time to come on and update it everyday so i will begin this again another time !

how was everybodies valintines day? i got spoilt i got to spend my cash at cyber scraps and get some very important needs ! its not certian yet but i will have some more scrap stuff up fors sale soon hopefully on mummies mutiny and here so please let me know if you are interested

ps above pic is my valintines day pressies :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 4

well i decided to have the weekend off from this since i had to help my sister move which wasnt so fun but anyway Todays is


go forth and find your quotes

Thursday, February 7, 2008


well sorry it took me so long to post today up its really been insane today i hope your all enjoying this nice easy challange cause i am . im looking forward to having a good little liabary happening
well after the dely here is day 3

the theme is INSPERATIONAL
so really anything that has been said that will inspire you or make you think just that little bit more


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


well Day 2 is here! and so that means the first day of the challange

and the theme is today


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A daily Challange

Ive started a challange on a parenting forum and i thought i could share it here ill be posting my pics as i go and i hope you all can join in so here it is! i havent quite figured out how i can get other ppls pics to show up but i will work on that . im going to pop this into thefunkiest essentials as well please email me if you would like that addy as well if you would like your work displayed please email it to me

hey everyone i came up with the idea of a daily challange now since its daily i have made it really easy and would it if you would all participate im going to put this in my blog as well basicly when we scrap wether you use hand scrapping or digital we often youse words to discribe how we feel and sometimes those words dont come easily . so i thought we could start a quote and poem journal .this is what you will needhandscrappers1 spiral note book ( decorate if you wish)1 pen a cameraDigi Scrappers1 computer1 digi program basicly we will each find 5 quotes or one poem a day . ill select a theme and we will write them in our book and post a pic up in this thread of course you can do more if you would like . please dont stress if its not done in one day its all in fun .. you can catch up later on if you wish to .. there is no sign up needed its all in fun

1 sprial note book ( decorate if you wish)
a pen
some insperation

DIGI Scrappers
a computer
a digi scraping program

Day 1
Will start tomorrow basicly its getting your journal and decorating it or digi scrapping your cover

i will add day 2 tomorrow after noon

Monday, February 4, 2008

stress of being a mum

well today im stressed to the max last night we had aidens drs appointment and the news isnt good . i was worried about the shape of his head and i was right . his head is in th 93rd percentile and we have to go back in 6 weeks and to a peadiatriction there is so much running through my head i dont know what i will do if there is something seriously wrong. i cant help but think is it my fault because i had to go back on medication during pregnancy because my body couldnt cope with being pregnant and being a mummy i dont know but today is NOT a good day. the rain thats pooring down is kinda suited its a dark gloomy day here to

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Weekend

Well we had so much fun we went to redcliffe and played in the sand on the swings and had a picnic it was fantastic i dont know why we dont do it every weekend.

im going to set myself a challange for when my scrapping room is up . i want to do 1 lo a week well i would love to do more but im aiming for one that way i cant let myself down to hard i will share all my work on here and you can all be honest and tell me what you truly think Love

Saturday, February 2, 2008

my scrap training

i did my first lot of scrap training on saturday and i had so much fun im so glad i went. i think i needed to get out of the house and do something of my own. i really hope i can get the skills up more i love scrapping and i just want to get better at it. its my first reall use of good products and it does make a diffrence. why do you ask am i blogging at 530 in the morning.. well aiden had to get up lol so where both up god he is just soo cute i cant wait for my scrap room to be done and i can scrap more .. i havent ive printed any photoes lately because i havent got the space to scrap them lol thats all about to change. i will be doing a mini album of aidens year at swiming because the underwater adventures are too cute to miss ive loaded a couple for you to see.

are they not scrapworthy lol the first is aiden just swimming by himself the second is aiden and his best friend marhilia . they have so much fun together