Monday, March 24, 2008

The walking Vid!

this is the vid of aiden walking im one proud mumma

Friday, March 21, 2008


aiden is walking !!!!! his soo cute! and so proud of himself the lil cutie!
and in other news i have a clip it up dp made it for me and the funkiest essentials are going to start selling the for $35 pick up only unfortuantly they will cost a fortune to post there all metal and welded and the post comes out so you can "add more" im having problems adding pics to my blog atm so i will put them up later but they are on the funkiest essentials blog->

Monday, March 17, 2008


well today i have the doctor again to measure aiden.. and also to help me with my implanon and stress problems. i can no longer feel my implanon so no doubt it will be taken out today and i will be sliced and diced aggghhh i cant stand the thought of it. i know ill have a local but omg im nervous about all this i hate drs i really do i hope aidens head is ok .. although he seems to be "growing into it" if thats possbile. over the past week or so he has just gotten taller. and he officially doesnt need me for anything now. he prefers to feed himself hold his own bottle eeek my baby is gone. the only thing i do is dress and bath and change his poop lol . he was 10 months on the weekend it terrifies me that my lil baby is becoming a toddler mainly because im so used to him being a baby.. what the hell will i do with a toddler .. i guess ill figure it out

Sunday, March 16, 2008

more pics

my cuttle bug stuff the work corner ( there is more bench to the right)
my books ( this is only some of them silly me and the stupid double day book club craft books)

there are more pics to come out of this its just not finnished yet . although im embarrased with the amount of papers i have i really should find things to use them with some of them are just really challanging but i guess its all a learning process

the work in progress

papers and cardstock
Diecut shapes ( the boax is my invite stuff) stamps ink and chippi ( who said you can never have enough chippi)
my "good quality papers"

wooohoo my scrapping room .. this is some under construction pics and i cant wait til its finished. i need an elcheapo cupboard to put the really sharpe things awa y in and the baskets underneath away so im thinking of heading to ikea to get some cute baskets for these things. dp is also making me a clip it up so its going to look great


Construction has began .. the desk has been installed . the orginising begins. im in desperate need of a cupboard and have seen one at the warehouse for $99 im going to get . im embarrased with how much stuff i have . but then again i have lots of cheap stuff i have bought and i dont know what to do with i would prefer to have lots of nicer papers instead but im working on that but YAY! my own space

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ive been slack

your all probably sitting in suspense

well yes i got my license back YAY! i had my first drive in over a year on wednesday god it felt good. now to get dp a lil more relaxed about it and ill be under control. i have lots of rules though

no alchole , eat 3 meals a day no skipping , keep up medication, keep sleep up if tired nap lol ( she doesnt have a toddler ) stress down.. the last one is where the gp comes in i head in on tuesday as im having some other health issues , i have an implanon that seems to be going deeper into my arm i can barely feel it now.. and af lasts 3 weeks everytime it drives me insane. oh and aiden gets measured on tuesday as well so i whould find out how that goes.

if anybody in my brisbane girls has a dining table they want to donate let me know .. mine is 100 years old and needs to be put away for refurbishment the chairs are starting to brake and aiden is trashing them i would feel terrible if i ruin this.

news on the FUNKIEST ESSENTIALS.. well i have an annoucment we have a blod -> see side. and our lovly gizmo is going to be helping me put together some kits when the stock arrives. YAY! shes so lovely well i better add my latest pics up there sooo cute.. i let aiden try a choclate crackle yesterday and here are the results.. i think this page will be SNAP CRACKLE AND POP

the other pics i took this morning with aiden and his cup ( that was a mess adventure)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


im soo nervous .. today is the day i find out if i can get my license back i really want this so bad you have no idea! i miss my independence soooo much .oh god its driving me insane not having it. but i guess if i dont get it back nothing much will change. ahhhhhh soo nervous .. i cant even typed lmao

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the digi version

this is the digi version of the same lo ... i actually got the guts to send this in to get published

Wow today has been inspiring

something that never happens Ive done 2 los one digi and one hand but omg i love them . other then that i have a pretty down post. life is getting on top of me at the moment i have so much on my plate planning a wedding chris being sick all the time not to mention we have to go to the dentist on monday as he smashed his teeth at work. thank god for compo. i just feel stressed constantly i dont know what to do about it anymore if its not one thing its another as soon as we get ahead something knocks us down ahh well keep on keepping on.

Monday, March 3, 2008

try again

lol i posted before but stupid ie had a brakedown.. well its just a post about how hetic my day has been with the pest man and the termite man and not geting to the post office on time ahh well here are some piccies i have to share

Sunday, March 2, 2008

blog chatness

well today is a bleh day my bestie has her dnc so im feeling terribly sad for her she is sucha strong person to be doing this .she is coping better then i could . i have finaly got some pics printed and will be starting my scrapping room tonight so hopefully i will finaly have some work to put up . my lil man is 10 months soon god where has the time gone ! soon he will be one then 21 and wont need me anymore.. ok slight exageration there but hey you get the picture . i have some cutsy pics of him to pop up his my world that kid. ...

ahhhhh kaiser catalog please come to me soon! i want to order big time im soo antsy to get started its not funny! i especilly want some of the shapes i want to start and 8x8 for my friends so i can get pics up of the work i can do and then actually make sales of what i do not just products i have alot to share alot of insperation just overflowwing because of nowhere to scrap lol well enough for now aidens stirring so i should get back to being a mummy