Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My first Bog

Wow well my first blog i thought i would start a blog to be sort of a photography journal and scrapping ( i cant have one without the other lol) well a bit about me

My name is Emily im 22 and a sahm to my lil man aiden 8 months old im engaged and i get married in august. aiden is my inspiration my meaning in life i really cant imagine how i went so long with out him . i live at home in a strange situation. i live up stairs in the big house while my mum and dad live downstairs in a granny flat they built . we have 5 years here til we have to move and as much as i love it here i cant wait to move to get our own place i dont care what it is wethere its a town house as long as we have a home and i have a scrapping room im happy lol
aiden is one in 3 months where has my lil baby gone

im starting my own scrapping buisness but i cant seem to get the funds to get it off the ground... to much on at one time .but ill get there
well i better go and finnish creating my spot so ill talk to you all soon