Friday, September 26, 2008

23 tomorrow

well tomorrow im 23 , and ive made a realisation, i havent really done that much with mylife yes i have a wonderful family but you know the things i have had dreams of are still so faraway i always wanted to have a creative job so now im taking the steps. im going to get my senior certificate and i ill enrolll in graphic design and a small buisness course /photography. i will get my scrap dreams to come true i will have my own classes and store running this will happen it will take time but i will get there. i mean rome wasnt built in one day. I have been feeling a tad down about life and the turns it has taken for me but hey we all go through that.

so my birthday morning plans of brekkie in bed and sleeping in have gone out the window. chris's flight doesnt get into tile 630 tomorrow morning. so i dont actually get any presants tomorrow until my sister comes over. i was going to go buy the pressie from aiden a digi scraping tablet but i couldnt get to wow in time. ah well another time. so poor me lol i shouldnt complain next week ive been promised a new camera and my pazzels machine. so what can you do . im hoping now life will be back to normal back to being a family no more fights no more dramas. i really cant handle anymore of that.

if you visit leave me some loving . here is my painted lady she isnt finnished but getting there im not entirely happy but im one of those cricticle of her work people im never happy with my work. i need to buy the bigger butterfly stamps. to finnish her but the budgets tight so it will have to wait after i get some more christmas card orders . ive got some other things going on to im making a tin for my cards to go in and my mum will take it to work and people will honesty box buy them i hope it works she has alot of lovely people working with her. i really need the dosh damit anyways looking at the pics of my lady i need to get a pen and tidy up the linese and spots a bit sorry my first canvas


Anonymous said...

Happy happy BIRTHDAY honey.

Em, you are so young you will achieve all the success you dream of I have no doubt about that.

As they say in disneyland 'hitch your wagon to a star' then sit back and enjoy the wild wild ride..

Have a lovely day tomorrow i'll be thinking of you and wishing I was 23 again
lots of love naomi x

Sheri said...

happy Birthday!!
hope you had a great day!
LOVE your lady!!