Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Work

me and Alisha decided to do a last minute crop last night and this is what we came up with. i like my first one but the second isnt so crash hot..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a share

I just thought I would share some work , this is an album i made for a friend also an example of my personalised albums

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a brag

I had my implanon out 3 weeks ago and look at me now the changes have been dramitic but fantastic and chris is loving it to i now am not stressed cranky and depressed im me again and ive lost 5 kgs! yep 5 look at the diffrence im loving ME right now

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just a couple of the pics

I have to share Aidens Party with you all i truly had a ball with it! well other then chris being an arse ( i got him back rofl) it was a great day the jumping castle went down well ... well not with aiden he hated the noise! but after a while he was ok.. so now to the pics ... can you see a mini album growing !

heres the photobucket link if you would like to see all the pics , please leave me a comment though rofl

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cherishing the moments

well today i have been cherishing the moments of being a mummy i truly feel blessed to be a part of such a beautilful family. aiden is amazing andd i have been spoilt today but it wasnt about that it was about waking up to find chris had done the housework to make the week easier for me to find aiden fed and dressed ready for the day, for chris to make a secret run to the shops and find he went and got me a bunch of flowers and a tin of tulips just for me cause he hadnt bought me flowers since aiden was born .im cherishing these moments . these are some of the pics ill have more tomorrow

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oppsi sorry guys

its been a while since i last blog alots been happening and not all of it good but thats ok tomorrow night im heading to cyberscraps to have a crop night out which is going to be good i need the time away from the house. im also meeting up with some friends for coffee that i havent seen since i left school so that will be great to see them and there kids. Bianca has 1 lil girl and Breanna has 2 boys and a lil girl on the way this might be the begining of me having more of a life outside the house and big new

the funkiest essentials had there first Sale ! thank you so much Danielle i will be sending to you tomorrow ! i figure i havent share in a while so heres some pages ive done , i tried a new technique with the waiting one i used water colours and i did learn a few things 1 water colours and dm dont mix lol and water colour paints are better for bigger areas then the pencils and i also put rubons on the photo border which i havent done before but i like the effect it gives

the father and son isnt finnished im going to make a journal tag for it but im not sure what i want to say yet im stumped for once i need florishes on it and something else to make it go pop. the card i made for my grandad for his birthday i dont make cards so that is a first for me , so ive been trying to get out of my comfert zone still obsessed with dm though lol my card had heaps of it on there oops , i cant wait til tomorrow night ! i need the time away to get over all this stuff thats been happening with the wedding