Monday, April 7, 2008

Ribbon Box

i foregot to post pics of my ribbon box! i love this box and i put litrelly days of work into this thing.. DM takes a while to dry and since i have an obsession with it it doesnt help but without further adew


other then that ive lost my mojo somebody send it back please im also lacking alot of time to spend on orginiseing my room so i am scrapping in a mess and i hate it that way. i get some shelves this week nothing fancy just metal shelves from bunnings to put some stuff into that is living in boxes on the floor . i also plan to ask my mum if i can steal her sewing machine to give sewing on my layouts a go i havent sewn since school and it will definintly be a new thing to try lol. lately ive been feeling like a bad mummy . i have booked aiden into daycare 2 days a week . and instead of feeling guilty i cant wait for him to start. i guess we dont have the time apart and thats half of my problem i bottle my stress and i dont get to switch off ahh well ill get over it wedding plans are going well .. in less then 4 months now i will be Mrs McGrath lol complety normal name not what im used to


Ali said...

that ribbon box is super cool em! all that DM must have taken you ages! well done. great work