Tuesday, April 1, 2008

its been awhile

its been a while since my last blog ive been sooo busy . im still not any good at this blog thing so if you know how i can make this look better please do share... well alots happened here since the walking has begun.. we FINALLY got a new door.. pics to come tomorrow. and we went away for the weekend down the goldcoast and stupid me foregot the camera so we bought some disposables .which mean many lost photo ops of aiden eating sand playing with this girl on the beach . as well as that dp is sick he has and ear infection a throat infection. and also has finally got is well you know looked at and he needs to go into hospital for an adult circumision.. so once again things get put on hold. im starting to wonder if this is ever meant to be . if my first order will ever happen if i will ever get anything moving... i dont have ppl posting on my forum i dont think pple like me or something. meh i dont think its personal i think there is just so much "better" places out there .. well lets see what else has happened .. aiden is back in his own room and its a nightmare.. its that bad i have actually been getting up to start the day at 430am in the morning. and i also bit the bullet and emailed the baby whisperer this and i have booked aiden into daycare 2 days a week starting september. i feel he needs to see more kids his age and play and learn and since we are hoping to ttc #2 around september it would be good timing to have him in and then i can rest if need be and avoid the complications i had first time round.. ahh the joys!. i gtg aidens awake again .. hopefully this wont go on til midnight again