Monday, April 21, 2008

Dreaming and worries

well yesterday dh has his op and oh my the worries he gave me something that was supposed to tak 30 mins took 3 hours i was so worried by the end of it . and the news isnt good dh had problems with the levels of oxygen he had and needed assistance and this can point to lungh problems so we have to get xrays on his lungs. but on the otherhand today i have been dreaming and planning my store. we decided when we buy a home where going to put a studio/store to the side of the property where i can be free to do what i want . so today i have been doing drawings of what it will look like and oh my i think ive blown the budget rofl. ok ok

picture this

a room for massive table in the center ... wall to wall of papers one whole wall dedicated to embelisments and otp and everything you can think of. a kitchen for coffee cake and biccies a toilet areas for paints insperation centeral i think i will call the work station but the store of course will be the FUnkiest essentials oh if dreams could come true RIGHT NOW rofl