Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have truly Lost my mojo

i sat down to finnish a lo last night and i just couldnt my mojo is gone i really need to finnish the room and brighten it up that way i think my mojo will come back i yearn for the perfect studio but i think thats a while off yet . so i will make do with what i have which i guess im truly lucky to have a room to myself alot of others dont so why whinge.. cause Im DISORGINISED rofl i want orginisiation . how do you sort your chippy letters ... me all chippy is in a container lol all of it .. i can never find one thing. i think i need to cordinate things so that i use them more i dont know im truly blocked of inspiration i still have things in boxes that i just havent unpacked . i have some shleves on order to go in the cupboard and i wouldnt mind to get 3 more of the smaller shelves to "stack" on top of each other .. my aim is to get as much off my desk as possible more space to play i yearn to play i yearn to finnish a project and feel completly satisfied with how it looks i know i will get there and nothing happens over night.. im hoping that dh will be able to watch aiden for me today so i can have some time to work on it today but he is unwell so i doubt it