Sunday, June 29, 2008


some pics of aiden for good measure.. enjoying sushi and... chicken chow mein

sorry its been a while between blogs things are truly a mess here. well we have put off the wedding for a while. im devestated but i know its the right thing to do . we have been in trouble. its a mess but hey what can you do . i think that im in denial. i need to go back to work but i just am not sure about it yet. i dont want to do a job i hate i want to do something that helps my creative side come out. im thinking of offering my services to a few lss well even not so local.

on the happier side of things my best mate is back from overseas.. wanna know a scary fact this year we will have been friends for 23 years yep weve been friends from birth where about 6 weeks apart and it has lasted longer then most peoples marriages. i had a baby free weekend so we had a few drinki poos together i love her to bits! heres some pics

also heres some work i have done. not much has been done lately im just to emotionaly drained to even try . i have cleaned out the scrapping space ready for a new desk and all that jazz i only really need now some of those roller draws and some shelving space. bil is making my paper storage for me . i just have to draw it up for him