Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Please help me

get a new banner! if anybody that digi scraps can desing me a funky new banner i will love you long time :)

hmm what else has been happening aiden has been really sick hence the lack of blogging we spent alot of time over the weekend with fevers at the hospital,we where told sunday by a dr that he had measles.. how wrong they where its a viral rash which is a good thing, other then the lack of chris around the place not much has changed this end, i sold some scrapping stuff today im going to get myself a nice hair cut with it and an eyebrow wax i need to do something i think im in a rut im flat drained i need a pep a change.. dont worry ill be posting up the new hair and all that jazz i need someone to renovate my life start over you know come in my head clean it up and give me a new look on life