Sunday, June 8, 2008

just a blog and some questions

well today I went to the scrapping show and oh my did i feel overwhelemd although my measly $50 went a long way i could have spent alot more, it was so busy and poor aiden i dragged him around and he ended up falling asleep, i ran into cass and lu, which was great i havent had a chance to go to a crop at cyberscraps for ages im having severe withdrawls but unfortunatly i cant go to cyberscraps with out spending a small fortune on fantastic goodies lol i just cant help it its an addiction pmsl , im thinking of actually hosting some crops to make myself some extra cash on the side to support this addiction so i need some help . i have only been to one crop in my life at cyberscraps and we had pizza and softdrink and all of that and craft mats where provided and a place to sit. but what do other places provide? and what would you like to see ,
i was thinking of providing cofee biscuts and softdrink but im not sure what else i would only charge about $20 but im still not sure on the finer details i still have to run it past my mum and df as its mums house and df has to live here to pmsl anyways please give me some feedback