Monday, March 17, 2008


well today i have the doctor again to measure aiden.. and also to help me with my implanon and stress problems. i can no longer feel my implanon so no doubt it will be taken out today and i will be sliced and diced aggghhh i cant stand the thought of it. i know ill have a local but omg im nervous about all this i hate drs i really do i hope aidens head is ok .. although he seems to be "growing into it" if thats possbile. over the past week or so he has just gotten taller. and he officially doesnt need me for anything now. he prefers to feed himself hold his own bottle eeek my baby is gone. the only thing i do is dress and bath and change his poop lol . he was 10 months on the weekend it terrifies me that my lil baby is becoming a toddler mainly because im so used to him being a baby.. what the hell will i do with a toddler .. i guess ill figure it out