Saturday, March 15, 2008

ive been slack

your all probably sitting in suspense

well yes i got my license back YAY! i had my first drive in over a year on wednesday god it felt good. now to get dp a lil more relaxed about it and ill be under control. i have lots of rules though

no alchole , eat 3 meals a day no skipping , keep up medication, keep sleep up if tired nap lol ( she doesnt have a toddler ) stress down.. the last one is where the gp comes in i head in on tuesday as im having some other health issues , i have an implanon that seems to be going deeper into my arm i can barely feel it now.. and af lasts 3 weeks everytime it drives me insane. oh and aiden gets measured on tuesday as well so i whould find out how that goes.

if anybody in my brisbane girls has a dining table they want to donate let me know .. mine is 100 years old and needs to be put away for refurbishment the chairs are starting to brake and aiden is trashing them i would feel terrible if i ruin this.

news on the FUNKIEST ESSENTIALS.. well i have an annoucment we have a blod -> see side. and our lovly gizmo is going to be helping me put together some kits when the stock arrives. YAY! shes so lovely well i better add my latest pics up there sooo cute.. i let aiden try a choclate crackle yesterday and here are the results.. i think this page will be SNAP CRACKLE AND POP

the other pics i took this morning with aiden and his cup ( that was a mess adventure)