Sunday, March 2, 2008

blog chatness

well today is a bleh day my bestie has her dnc so im feeling terribly sad for her she is sucha strong person to be doing this .she is coping better then i could . i have finaly got some pics printed and will be starting my scrapping room tonight so hopefully i will finaly have some work to put up . my lil man is 10 months soon god where has the time gone ! soon he will be one then 21 and wont need me anymore.. ok slight exageration there but hey you get the picture . i have some cutsy pics of him to pop up his my world that kid. ...

ahhhhh kaiser catalog please come to me soon! i want to order big time im soo antsy to get started its not funny! i especilly want some of the shapes i want to start and 8x8 for my friends so i can get pics up of the work i can do and then actually make sales of what i do not just products i have alot to share alot of insperation just overflowwing because of nowhere to scrap lol well enough for now aidens stirring so i should get back to being a mummy