Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not an ear infection

well its not an ear infection ( BONUS) but he is teething and the vomiting may be a virus.. well to me that sounds like the dr couldnt be bothered to look further but hey its stopped now so i shouldnt be cranky . he is growing so much every day .. he now can hold my hand and walk.. his soo close to being unassisted while walking but im not going to rush it .. i find it hard enough with him not walking his sooo fast i thought id upload some pics of my scrapping today i know my page needs some improvement but hey ill work on it when i get my space im aslo going to upload my embarrasing space so i can get motivated for when my desk comes along to keep things neat and actually have space to scrapp in lmao well its 23 weeks til i get married EEEK i better get back to finnishing those invites.. but i have lost my motivation. its bery repetitive.. ive already changed the design of the thanks yous we where going to put cyrtal brads on them but it just looks terrible ao im going to leave them and use them for scrapping


gypsyangel said...

Love your work, it looks fabulous.