Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A daily Challange

Ive started a challange on a parenting forum and i thought i could share it here ill be posting my pics as i go and i hope you all can join in so here it is! i havent quite figured out how i can get other ppls pics to show up but i will work on that . im going to pop this into thefunkiest essentials as well please email me if you would like that addy as well if you would like your work displayed please email it to me

hey everyone i came up with the idea of a daily challange now since its daily i have made it really easy and would it if you would all participate im going to put this in my blog as well basicly when we scrap wether you use hand scrapping or digital we often youse words to discribe how we feel and sometimes those words dont come easily . so i thought we could start a quote and poem journal .this is what you will needhandscrappers1 spiral note book ( decorate if you wish)1 pen a cameraDigi Scrappers1 computer1 digi program basicly we will each find 5 quotes or one poem a day . ill select a theme and we will write them in our book and post a pic up in this thread of course you can do more if you would like . please dont stress if its not done in one day its all in fun .. you can catch up later on if you wish to .. there is no sign up needed its all in fun

1 sprial note book ( decorate if you wish)
a pen
some insperation

DIGI Scrappers
a computer
a digi scraping program

Day 1
Will start tomorrow basicly its getting your journal and decorating it or digi scrapping your cover

i will add day 2 tomorrow after noon