Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a bleh post

well this morning began good.. but im coming down with a stpid head cold im not sleeping well lately i cant seem to turn off and relax not to mention the psiorisis is driving me insane. im shopping for bridesmaid dresses onsaturday i hope my bridesmaids can agree its about what me and dp want not whoes boobs look good in this dress or whoes a prude. i started to make some embelishements and ive given up .. i hat not having anyspace and all my stuff being packed away i feel restricted like i cant creat .. nothing is inspireing me i have a block. i found this pic last night though .. dont be mistaken this baby pic is of me not aiden .. i was completly surprised about how much we look alike.. arrrggghh the frustration .. when i do sleep im driving of los there running through my head .. yet i never get to complete them arrrggg the insanity of it all. and im starting to notice alot of my foroum friends... i love them but in the paarenting forums i frequent.. whats with all the nasty nellys support eachother not attck im thinking of my close friend right now she is pregnant but bleeding im here for you hunny no matter what