Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Proud

Ok I know to alot of you this will seem that im tooting my own horn. but you know what i deserve it. looking at the amount of changes that Me and My Kids have been through and how well they have come out of it all. well i am PROUD. I'm Proud that at nearly 2 My Daughter says please Thank you . and has fantastic manners. PROUD that my 4 year old has such good manners that his teachers at kindy constantly praise him. and that he is so thoughtful that he even says thank you to the cars that stop at traffic lights. and the thing that makes me prouder is that I taught them this. ! They are doing so well they are so amazing.. My son every morning as my daughter wakes up says Good morning beautiful girl. or the fact that durring the day they spend more time kissing and cuddleing each other then they do playing.

They are BEST FRIENDS anything else in my life is a bonus