Thursday, August 28, 2008

just an update on me

things still arent perfect here. my camera is broken so im using my old cannon which the pics arent that great , ive been really sick and so has aiden, last week i was so bad mil came and took aiden for 4 days cause i couldnt even get out of bed. im on antibiotics now and im improving but also have the begining of a kidney infection :( im a bit down. im wondering when my luck will change and my life will improve. i just keep going and its taking its toll. i know people have bigger problems but at the moment mine is huge. tomorrow i need to decide wether to continue my relationship with chris. or end it . so far he hasnt been home almost 4 months. some of the time he was working some of the time he was playing. i wont lie i havent been coping . i pretend to cope becuase if i let aiden see how stressed and upset i am his behaviour goes to shit. so i just block it out til the end of the night , there have been days when its to much and i cry myself to sleep . but i hold my head high and keep going. i just would really like one day for things to run smoothly and my life to get better instead of worse give me good luck instead of bad


Sar said...

Oh Em, I'm thinking of you hun. Sounds like you deserve a lot better than what you're getting from Chris. Be strong, you're such a good mum and Aiden needs you. Hope you're feeling better soon. Cheeers, Sar