Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little bit of an update

Wow what a stresful few weeks it has been in this house i really cant wait for it to be over! It all started with my poor hubby his tooth fell apart and he needed to get it pulled. and he hates the dentist ( exactly why it fell apart lol). so the monday he went in and they pulled it out. tuesday aiden didnt seem himself nothing i could put my finger on but just wasnt himself wednesday comes along and hubby things something is wrong in his mouth. so goes to the dr. turns out he has a severe infection and gets a shot and some pain killers . thursday i keep aiden home from kindy his cough gets worse and his generally not well. so we go to the drs . the doctors here a crackle on his chest. and start antibioticS and off for an xray. friday chris takes him he is super brave and he ends up having puenomia.. very mild but still puenomia . so we have alot on our hands here at the moment. cant wait till its all over.

on a brighter topic i also have found a awsome blog honestly its fantastic im going to take pictures of before and after i finnish the challange.