Sunday, October 11, 2009

I havent disapeered totally

Hey everyone, im so sorry i have been really slack on the blog spot side of things but well pregnancy doesnt agree with me and I've had a very sick family, so far we have had Croupe, Chest infections, ear infections throat infections and gastro run around our house

I have been having seizures regularly so im out of action as well.but only 14 days till due date and im fat as a house i cant wait to introduce our little miss but i thought i might share some crafty goodness as well i havent done a layout in ages, i need to get some new pics printed. but cardmaking etc and altering things has been good fun for now, and small projects are easier for me while im so uncomfy

bah blogger isnt behaving with uploading pics :( so i will be back later today with some updated images of bump, aiden and crafty goodness

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hey all

Im a terrible blogger lately but things are so crazy i get no time to do anything anymore. I have got a share of a digi layout i have done. and i will post pics of bubs room in progress tomorrow.. and her stash of pink clothes nappies lol.

ive put up some pics of aiden and a digi layout i did of our lil princess on the way.. im getting some materinity shots take in september so ill have some nice pics of bump then .. but its HUGE lol

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A page and some news

Hey ladies i havent blogged , things are still crzy around this place either that or im not really orgnised yet lol

well first things first ITS A GIRL!

I have started the 20 layout challange but so far have only done 2 but will share those later lol

The Funkiest essentials also has made an annoucement if you are a crafty person that sells your handmade stuff online please pop over and have a looksi

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some updating

tomorrow i have our scan and we find out what where having wooohoo and friday well its HALF WAY so all in all im very excited but nervous. not many of you would know but as of 20 weeks with aiden i started to have seizures so im hopeing that i can avoid this. but anyways you dont want to hear about that

A lady Brooke asked me to do some baby shower invitations. and this is what i came up with. the imaginsec paper and the snagems giraffe are tooooo cute . im really happy with them and im going to make her a little birth stats card to go in the bubs album
i have bought myself some new stuff and pre ordered the cutestes little basic grey stamps so i should be scrapping more now

Saturday, May 23, 2009

just updating

Well things are busy in the past few weeks aiden turned 2 chris turnd 26 . we had there birthday party and I had my Nurologist appointment and pyhio to help with my hips during pregnancy
so here are some birthday pics mind you i litrelly took hundreds so this is just a sample of some. my mum took some great ones of him on the jumping castle( my hips where playing up so i couldnt get in it)
other then that we are now 18 weeks pregnant and counting. we find out what this large bump of mine is on the first of june so i will have some awsome scan pics to show you .I also have been asked to do some baby shower invitations for a friend which is exciting cause when i made mine with aiden i didnt really have the skills i do now so they are going to look so awsome

I have plenty more custom spots if anybody is interested. please just feel free to ask .
things have been really wet and yuccky there has been flodding and all sorts in brisbane and the budgie passed away oopsi
i really should blog more so that my posts arnt so super long lol
and ladies if you are in brisbane. since im trapped in the house at the moment an unable to go out if you would like to come
over for coffee or a scrap or something please just email me im starting to get a bit lonely

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a share and an Update

Hey all, just an update im 15 weeks and 6 days today. i havent scrapped much but the one page i have done and been proud of i sent in to the sc undiscovered talent thing. but i havent heard back yet. things have been so crazy i have alot to do before this baby comes lol I have had a few struggles. grandad's birthday was last weekend and i really miss him at the moment so i thought i would share a picture of one of the most important people in my life

the scrap room has been moved and its still under construction... but its ok its getting there, and i just bought myself a heap of goodies! i havent shopped in so long that i cant wait to get them lol and start to play

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lil emms Big adventures


I have been a terrible blogger, scrapper well the whole lot. i havent scrapped in months :( and am having withdrawls. but i have been journalling i just never had time with the wedding the honey moon and now im cleaning out the house for the new arrival.

yep thats right ladies im pregnant

9 weeks and 5 days! i know thats heaps of time but i have ALOT to do i need to get orginised so that the house is easier for me to manage. i also need to spend time resting so that i dont have any seizures this time. i would love to stay off meds. but lets slow down and ill tell you about our wedding

it was AMAZING the best day in my life! it was beautiful. we did a butterfly realease and lite 2 candles. one is the marriage candle, the other was to remember those that had past that couldnt be there in person, but most definitly where there in spirit. so here are some pics of the wedding

aiden was such a good little boy he behaved the whole night, well till he fell asleep in his grandpas arms. i have hundreds more pics. but you will have to wait til i scrap them

so then we left the 14th of march for our honeymoon. on our cruise, it was great we never got up before 9:00 and we saw numea. lifou and vanatu. those pics, will be up comming is well. it was such a great holiday, i have a bit of an album in plan for those.

we also have got my lil boy a big boys bed. those pics are on face book if you would like to see. im so proud of him and missed him like crazy anyways i promise that i will update more and actually do something crafty! and post pics

Monday, February 2, 2009

just updating

well the 30 december my grandad passed. we where all buy his side. im still very much struggling with some aspects of this as he was taken way to soon, I'm also getting married the 7th of march so im busy, i havent scrapped since im not really sleeping well and aiden hasnt been the best behavied boy. this year was supposed to be the best year the begining of the rest of our lives. but i cant let grandad go. i just want to hear his voice one last time