Sunday, October 11, 2009

I havent disapeered totally

Hey everyone, im so sorry i have been really slack on the blog spot side of things but well pregnancy doesnt agree with me and I've had a very sick family, so far we have had Croupe, Chest infections, ear infections throat infections and gastro run around our house

I have been having seizures regularly so im out of action as well.but only 14 days till due date and im fat as a house i cant wait to introduce our little miss but i thought i might share some crafty goodness as well i havent done a layout in ages, i need to get some new pics printed. but cardmaking etc and altering things has been good fun for now, and small projects are easier for me while im so uncomfy

bah blogger isnt behaving with uploading pics :( so i will be back later today with some updated images of bump, aiden and crafty goodness