Monday, July 7, 2008

1 lost mojo and other dribble

ive lost my mojo if you find it please send it back.ive gone over my papers again and again and my pictures and embelishments and nothing is coming to mind. to much other stuff in my head i think .

well here are some pics of my new obsession MCN nappies i love them there fantastic .. this is aiden in a trumpet bum there fantatsic ive your interested trumpet has a facebook group there super cute and really absorbant

i went to a play on sunday called .... BUSTING OUT it was fantastic i reccomend it .. oh and take an extra set of undies you laugh soooo omuch these girls have great comedy great confidence and BOOOBS ive never seen boobs do things like this before i love it

oh and here are some cute pics of my lil man making me some pasta oh


Jaimie R said...

Hey Em, mojo is a funny thing, it hits you when you least expect it! I hope it returmns to you soon.

That play sounds a bit like a giorls version of puppetry of the penis.. THAT was hilarious!

You have the cutest lil man ever! Good to see you are training him up on the domestic arts too!

Keep well Em, my happy thoughts are coming your way xoxo

unicorns80 said...

Hope your Mojo reappears soon - your LO's are really good and starting to come along great too :)
Your little man is adorable and is that a motorbike on the nappy??? WICKED!! wish I had them around when my boys were babies.
Take care xo

Yillup said...

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! See my blog for details. I look forward to seing your answers...

Belinda Howlett said...

when I loose my mojo I go scrapbooking blog surfing
or look on 2 peas

the garden girls alwys get me going!